Monday, March 24, 2008

Quotable Quotes

Just some stuff heard on the 'net.

Everybody on the other side of the boat...
(Len Smith, commenting that everyone went from bear to bull in a flash)

Regarding "A recession is IMPOSSIBLE" quote, Pete Kendall said: It is one of several offering the same sentiment -- looks an awful lot like a recession but it can't be. LA Times version even offers headline that says, "This Time is Different."

There is simply no justification of a US economic renaissance. Hoaxenomics has blinded the American people to how serious the situation is and the economy is simply to far down the track for it to rise like a phoenix from here. The US is in a state of delusion common in all empires just before their fall
(Craig Tindale)

(Bernanke) has yet to learn that buying time with bailouts is not the same as solving the crisis. The fact remains... they are still in crash-prevention mode. The "Bear" bailout is bordering on illegal and may have to do with phantom"Level 3" assets gone worthless causing the "beginning" of the latest derivatives implosion in the history of financial markets when coupled with worthless AAA wallpaper....
(Al Marchione)

The bang at the bottom. Every bear market ended when a financial company was banged.
(Jim Cramer)

Is it any wonder I am still a bear.

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