Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Another shameful congressional hearing

Did it not make your skin crawl when congress held hearing on steroid use in baseball?  How is that an issue for elected officials anywhere outside of baseball and perhaps law enforcement.

I understand why they grilled the auto makers since they were asking for bailouts. And auto makers looked pretty bad with their private jets.

I also - to a limited degree - understand why congress wanted to talk to oil companies since they do get some tax breaks (so I am told).  Here is something from energy guru Phil Flynn in his morning missive:

"Last week at a congressional hearing Chevron CEO John Watson wiped the floor with the Democratic leadership that led to a classic and telling exchange with Senator Jay Rockefeller. Rockefeller said that big oil was out of touch and that the American people want big oil to be part of the "shared sacrifice" to get the budget under control. John Watson shot back, "I don't think that the American people want shared sacrifice, I think they want shared prosperity."

Of course, the senator had to give a snippy comeback to show his "power" and save some face. But you cannot un-ring a bell.  The public sector is out of touch, not the private sector.

I would greatly enjoy now non-candidate Trump testifying before the "leaders."   What a great time to hear "you're fired!"

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