Monday, May 21, 2012

Don't like the news? Wait a day

When I went to school in the Boston area (they still rode dinosaurs to the packy) we often heard the expression, "don't like the weather, just wait a minute. In doing a web search for this phrase, it is clear that there are many cities laying such a claim in any time from a minute to 15 minutes to a day.

In a world where flip flopping gets politicians in trouble it is the news that is the worst of all. Today, the stock market rallied on "European Hopes." Friday it fell on "European Fears."  The news flip flopped all the way back to, well, since the financial crisis hit.

Today, stocks rallied. Tomorrow, maybe they will and maybe they don't. It all depends on whether they are making love or (financial) war tomorrow post-G-8 meeting.

Hello, Mr. Client? No, we cannot make an investment plan to take advantage of Euro-schizophrenia.

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Quick Takes Pro said...

Sorry, we had to wait two days for Europe to blow up again. My bad.