Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Greece the Skids

As a childhood wise guy, I had a few dumb slogans to rattle off from time to time. One of them was from geography - The Hungary Turkey slipped on Greece. Yes, I know, BFD and silly. But how about changing it to something more relevant.  The pitiful Eurozone slipped on Greece.

PIIGs indeed. What a mess and I am restricting my opinions to charts of their stock markets. Greece was down over 5% today to a fresh, or should I say fetid (feta-d) decade low. The rest are pitiful, too.

And speaking of Hungary Turkey, the Budapest exchange has been trending lower since January. Remember the hot first quarter for global, non-PIIGS markets? Bocs haver.  And the TUR Turkey ETF is in a bear flag under the 50-day average. 

Do you want to know where stocks are holding up nicely? South Africa.What trades there? Gold and diamonds.

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