Thursday, March 4, 2010

Stuff I need to say

1 - Is every politician corrupt? Maybe I am overly sensitive since my last governor was a hooker hound, my current governor is just plain corrupt and a congressman close to my district is a tenured piece of corruption who thinks a temporary resignation from his committee is absolution.

Then in a state close by, someone who has no experience and is shown getting a piledriver by a giant hunk of wrestling beef is going to try to buy an election from a guy who is goofy as all get out.

I say term limits of one term. That way, nobody has any incentive to look good instead of being good.

2 - Earthquakes. Haiti, Chile and now Taiwan? Is the Earth trying to tell us something? Yes, I know quakes happen all the time but these are monsters. I saw Bill Nye the science guy on the tube the other day explaining how the Chile quake was so big it actually slowed down the rotation of the Earth.

Of course, a dictatorial nut job in the south says the USA's is to blame because we have a device to do it. You want a portfolio implication? He sits on a lot of oil.

3 - Greece! Let me get this straight - they are issuing 10-year government bonds to raise money for a sovereign debt crisis? The interest rate better be 25% payable in gold.

I love gold!
- Mike Meyers as Goldmember (that's a keepa!)


Anonymous said...

A stitch in time saves nine. ........................................

Joe said...

I agree that term limits are the only way. But frustration is the little discussion of it. Some tell me that is because it has 0 chance of ever being enacted.