Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Spirit Airlines at it again

Just got back from my (theoretical) vacation and although I have sworn off ever flying Spirit Airlines I have to laugh at Tuesday's news. Spirit announced they will charge $25-$40 for carry on bags that go in the overhead bin.

Cajones. Do they expect people to sit there like cargo? After all, no movie, no food, no assigned seat, no baggage and now no carry ons unless you pay a fee. And their base prices are no better than anyone else's.

I guess their overhead bins were stuffed because everyone was trying to avoid the baggage fee.

If only we could sell them short.

BTW, I flew American Airlines - really smooth, terminal at JFK was a breeze, first bag flies free, pleasant flight attendants, more room in the seats, free first run movies (Blindside was awesome).

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