Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Gasoline rising

In case you are a city dweller and don't drive, here is a little tidbit from my local village email newsletter about gasoline prices.

The Hess located at 42 Jericho Turnpike offers the lowest gas price per gallon in three categories:
- They offer the lowest regular grade at $3.239.
- They have the lowest plus grade at $3.339.
- And they have the lowest premium grade at $3.439.

Check out your own area and compare to the rest of the country at gasbuddy.com.  Click back to the home page for more intersting stuff - like the heat map.

Is it me or, with the usual exception of Hawaii where everything costs more, does this list look like all the blue states are piled close to the most expensive gasoline places?

And who can explain why Alaska is the number one most expensive state on average?  Isn't that were the oil is? Or do they ship it to Louisiana for refining and then ship it back?  I would not put it past anyone.

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