Monday, January 24, 2011

Spread the Wealth!

I'm walking the line here as I try to keep this blog non-political.  But I love stealing from Charles Payne of Fox Biz and Wall Street Strategies and here is his latest:

The GINI co-efficient is a measure of the so-called inequality of a distribution. For incomes, a 0 means everyone has the same income, while 1 means one person has all the income. I decided to take a look at countries with great GINI ratings, you know, they spread the wealth. As it turns out it's those nations that America's liberals drool about. These nations have sky high tax obligations and aren't known for innovation or job creation.

Scary, no? But to be fair, Germany is doing OK so it's not a perfect measure.

He went on saying that few of the worlds billionaires live in these high GINI countries. Why should they? They'd have to give it all up and that is no incentive to do anything at all.

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