Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Fat Americans

This is not about the markets so feel free to skip it.

James Altucher wrote this on MarketWatch this morning. 

Everyone acts like TV is dead, as if TV is some bastard stepchild that we don’t need any more now that we are twittering away on our geo-aware mobile devices. But quietly, Google and Apple are preparing for a fight to the death that is going to bring down all the cable companies with it.

Here’s the basic idea (for those that don’t already have an Apple TV): You link iTunes, Hulu, Netflix and cable all up together with your TV and/or set-top box so you can control everything from one remote control. Then, because we are the laziest, most obese country on the planet, we can all be a little happier lying around on our couches and navigating the massive world of mega-entertainment.
I will now rant about it.  

Is this what the world is coming to? A fight for entertainment? A fight so the masses can see what others have accomplished? Someone said couch potatoes watch actors on TV live their dreams instead of going after their own dreams. I like the Daily Show but I don't need to watch it on Hulu as I eat my lunch alone.

Don't argue that all this multi-tasking helps you get more done. First of all, few people are so important that they need to make phone calls on line at the deli. Or have email that must get read between entree and dessert. Don't get me started with Twitting (you can call it tweeting) your every move and thought. I don't need to manage a photo, document and music library and link it via blue tooth to my car and iPhone.

We are getting far too caught up in the process and forgetting the product. And most of us don't even have a product.  Now that is sad.


scrow774 said...

So short social media? HAHA, got it.

By the way, I always thought the message everybody "twits" should be:

"Im Twittering, Im twittering, Im twittering."

Blogger said...
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