Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Blame it on Cain.
Don't blame it on me.
Oh, oh, it's nobody's fault,
but we need somebody to burn.
- Elvis Costello ( 1977) - hat tip Imus in the Morning

Without diminishing the seriousness of sexual or any type of harassment in the workplace, we have let the current charges against Herman Cain distract us from the bigger picture - again. Certainly, we have to vet our potential leaders but this is not the issue I want deciding who will mold tax law, military strategy and the look of government. All of the candidates now and in the future have this sort of crap in their histories. Don't they laugh at us overseas when we get our panties in a bunch over what seems to be the norm everywhere else?  Honestly, I'd rather have a flawed yet competent man (or woman) in the White House than a goody two shoes.

I remember back when Gary Hart was bounced from the 1988 presidential race for having an affair. Even back then, people were talking about how they'd rather have a guy like that rather than a frustrated priss with his finger on the button.

This is not an endorsement for Herman Cain or any candidate. But when it comes down to who and what is best for me and my money I'd rather know who will have the right plan for the economy.

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