Monday, February 27, 2012

Let's Do the Time Warp Again!

You know, I get fairly punch drunk on days when I write my Barron's Online column, and not the good kind involving C2H6O. So, forgive me if The Rocky Horror Picture Show comes to mind when I use the word "Trannies."

Today's column was on the warning sign flashed by the transportation sector of the stock market. You can blame oil. Or refining bottlenecks. Or evil speculators. Or our pal Acchhhmadinejad. Or high gas prices finally squelching consumer demand. But any way you spin it, the Dow went up in February and the Trannies went down.

Someone on the tube this morning said he paid $5.49 for unleaded premium in Southern California.  Knock of 40 cents, and that is a generous knock off, and you get 5 bucks for regular in the land of granola, flakes and nuts - and over-regulation and high taxes.

I don't know, this seems fairly straightforward to me. So many quick devices that may not be magic bullets, as BHS said, but would certainly be the first step towards energy independence. Imagine what would have happened if the gub'mint took those steps after the last energy spike? We'd be three @#$%^ years closer to where we need to be.

Interesting how the only transportation sector looking firmer than before is marine tankers. They carry oil, you know.

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