Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Soon there will be hope

Waiting.... Waiting.... Waiting.... Waiting....
Waiting for you to - come along
Waiting for you to - hear my song
Waiting for you to - come along
Waiting for you to - tell me what went wrong
This is the strangest life I've ever known.
- Waiting for the Sun (The Doors, 1968)

This is the life of an investor.

We waited for QE3 before and it ended up to be a Twist.
We waited for Super Mario Draghi to put the Germany's money where his mouth was after pledging to "do whatever it takes."
We waited for Jackson Hole.
And now we wait for QE3 again at this week's Fed meeting.

We waited for the end of summer because every day in late August is a dog day afternoon.
Then Labor Day came and went and we waited for volume to return.
We still wait to see if Europe will survive.

For most of this country, we wait to see which side of the same coin will become President. 

And for those of us who still think free, unencumbered markets still work, we are waiting for central banks to just stop it.

I think that after Thursday, there is really only one wait left - the election. How happy am I that I do not live i a  battleground state where I would have to set my DVR on "kill" to zap the barrage of negative political ads coming my way.

The Fed will be done, even if they say QE3 will not kick in for months. There will be nothing left to even attempt. And the country will not want it anyway.

I am tired of waiting but after Thursday I will shift my outlook from waiting for the next of the centipedes shoes to drop to watching as rational analysis, be it technical or otherwise, starts to make a comeback.  Hang in there, folks. This nightmare will soon be over.

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