Friday, September 5, 2008

Barron's Online follow ups

Solar Power - This week's sector column liked a select group of them and they are holding up so far.

Utilities - Last week's column warned about utilities - The DJUA has broken majors support.

Gold - Two weeks ago I pointed out support below. It's getting closer but not quite there.

Consumer Staples - Three weeks ago they were beating the market and they still are today. The column focused on household products and they still look good.


Doug said...

I'm skeptical mike about going long in anything at this point, the stocks that look good technically are rats climbing to the highers decks. I know the general public only has the mentally of going long which will probably be fine at the end of sept/early october, but probably not until then. Having said that I have been eyeing a dividend yeilding stock which is down at a bargain price, but I can justify going long easier based on the yield.
oh yeah, i did buy calls on thurs at the close looking to make a few dollars on the short term bounce, no I didn't wait until friday morning when we slammed down to lows that cut my portfolio value almost in half

Quick Takes Pro said...

I like that - rats climbing to higher decks. And I agree.

Doug said...

don't forget though mike we are quickly approaching the 3 most bullish months of the year, so there may be some upside for a while, the vix is spiking up pretty good after today's huge move down (tues sept 9) we'll wait and see...