Friday, September 5, 2008

This is why they get the big bucks

Here is something from this morning's Quick Takes Pro with some elaboration:

Goldman Sachs just downgraded Merrill Lynch to a sell. It is no wonder these guys are so highly regarded! They are right on top of the situation, guiding their clients through the rough seas of the investment world, protecting their assets and making them money.

Oh wait, the stock is already down two thirds of its value in the past year and a half. Hey, where were you when there was an investment to save? Just who's interests are in play here?

I read a study somewhere that said when brokers issue sell ratings it is time to buy.

You can read this chart and see a possible selling climax this past summer. It may not be a buy right now but I am not rushing out to buy puts, either. It may go a bit lower, sure, but there are other fish to fry out there.

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Doug said...

Those bastards probably issuing the sell call so they can squeeze that last bit out of their short positions and produce the sell climax so they can go long for themselves and their clients...scum bags, abusing their "power and influence" not unlike our politicians....