Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Quiet again

Is it me or was Tuesday even quieter than the day of my "Vewy Qwiet" post last week? Few chat room emails. No news. A dull market (following a big a** rally). It seems that a breakout through 875 on the S&P 500 should have generated a bit more excitement.

What will fake out the most people? Not a run to 940 or a test of 875. How about an instant failure at 875?

Not a prediction. Expect the unexpected.


bmbull said...

And the narrowest range on the Dow (less than 100 points) in a very long time.

Steve said...

You seem like you let your bearish bias cloud your technical analysis. The short and medium term trends are bullish. All news is good news. That is the technical situation until it changes, regardless of our opinions.

paulocuana said...

Professional sentiment as measured by Investors' Intelligence is at its most bullish since June of last year. If this is a bear market rally then this should mean the end of the rally is near.

Paul O'Cuana