Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Notable Quotables

A Quick Takes Pro subscriber wishing to remain anonymous said the following when making comparisons between bear markets:

"It fits perfectly with my "smarty pants" theory of big institutional managers. These guys will never move in size when the reward/risk is optimum ... only after the market has proven them "right" ... so a lot of them are buying huge right now ... which sets up the trap that could take out the March lows ... because what do they do when monthly returns sour ? They have no credibility with public anymore if returns don't consistently climb."

I'll add to this something I heard at the advisor conference I attended earlier this month.

What I overheard - The public needs advisors more than ever now. (I agree)

What I think they should have said - The public needs advisors more than ever now but not the same old advisors that did not get them out of the way of the bear.

One of my favorite Wall Street jokes:

A fundamental analyst (read - advisor) and a technical analyst were having dinner. Suddenly, a knife was knocked off the table and it landed point down squarely in the fundamental analyst's shoe.

"Why didn't you move your foot?" asked the technical analyst.

The fundamental analyst replied, "I thought it would go back up!"

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