Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I just had to get that title up there. There has been so much written on this obscure indicator that I have to comment - once I figure out its subtleties.

Also, the press and chat room are jumping all over its bullish signal. I am wondering about a contrarian spin.

More when I finish work on my paying job.


Mike said...

Wondering if you find any significance in the divergences yesterday when the SPY's made a new high - no new high in MACD, the RSI or your "offense/defense ratio" using daily charts. Also, the VIX didn't make a new low.

Quick Takes Pro said...

Mike, the quick answer is yes, these things are significant. I am just following the tape right now with my finger on the eject button

Quick Takes Pro said...

Sorry gang, I am not going to get to the coppock stuff today. Perhaps from the airport tomorrow (Wednesday) as I head down to the Pershing Insite conference.