Thursday, October 1, 2009

Mortgage rates fall again

Check out this headline on a financial website today:
U.S. benchmark 30-year mortgage rate falls below 5%

Funny, just yesterday (I swear it was just the other day - Reo Speedwagon) Ditech had an ad on TV saying "As you might have noticed, interest rates are going up."

Do you mean to tell me that I cannot trust Madison Avenue either? I guess any entity known for its address is just full of baloney.

Madison Ave
Wall Street
Pennsylvania Ave

Will Main Street be next? How about all those restaurants named for their street addresses? Pass the Tums.

In all seriousness, this makes it very easy for me to transfer my mortgage from Chase, where you will recall I got screwed and nobody there has a vested interest in caring that I am pulling all my business, to somewhere else at a better rate.

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Wendy said...

Hey, Mike, give me a call. I can refinance your mtg with Wells Fargo (and I used to work at Chase)..hehehe... :-)