Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Insiders Selling?

I will be traveling to Florida this afternoon to attend a marketing event for our mutual fund (see link to website on the right) so I won't be able to post between now and tomorrow. Here is something I found at "The Pragmatic Capitalist" blog:

As the recession on Main Street continues the negative trends in insider buying get even worse. Insider buying fell to a new low of $7.8MM on the week. Selling dropped from $318MM to $293.22MM, but remains at very high levels. I continue to believe this is a reflection of the ongoing secular bear market as corporate insiders see little to no real recovery in revenues and sustainable organic growth. Due to this, they have little to no faith in the long-term sustainability of future increases in their own corporation’s stock prices.

Once again, more evidence that things are changing even as earnings come in nice and the trend remains up.

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