Monday, July 26, 2010

Arch Crawford VERY bearish

This is an edited (for font, size and alignment) version of an Arch Crawford advisory sent over the weekend.  Poo-poo astrology all you want (I do) but Crawford's record is pretty good for a very long time.  He does drift to the dramatic however, as ALL CAPS in the original suggest.

Quote (sort of):

For traders only - Short the major stock indices, now!
Looking for down market in size monday.
7 2-planet combinations vs. Normal 0-1 may drop prices sharply.
Only caveat: sun trine Jupiter can turn it up –But against 6 downers?
Full moon Sunday heightens downside probabilities
We are approaching the most powerful planetary alignment in all of written human history July 26-August 3!

That means the next few months could produce historic equivalents to WWI, WWII, Great Depression, Black Plague. Or the fall of Rome

Get positioned now for Monday's action.
Keep stops on all positions.


patrick neid said...

He also spoke about this alignment several months ago on Everything has building to this week!Drum roll please. He's made it all work for over 30 years now.

He also uses the Bradley siderograph.

Quick Takes Pro said...

He really is a good technical analyst but I remember seeing him on CNBC predicting a 1000 point drop in the Dow. The interviewer looked at him as if he had two heads. (The Dow did not drop 1000 points or anything close).

But as I always say when talking about analysts like Arch, Cramer and anyone else in the public eye - he has gotten to where he is for a reason. You cannot argue with success.