Wednesday, July 7, 2010

fun fact

Well, its not a actually a fact since I do not have the numbers to back it up. But isn't it true that the biggest one-day gains are made in bear markets, not bull?

Reader comments most welcome.


bmbull said...

"Top Ten Largest Point Increases in the NASDAQ Composite Index"

All in big bear markets -- 2000-01, 08. Largest percentage increases, same page, same story.

bmbull said...

Here's the data for the Dow:

Quick Takes Pro said...

From Tom DeMark in a chat room:

"Heavy volume off of a low is bearish. The only time heavy volume is bullish is when it occurs after a breakout - never before! Basic tenet
of market timing 101."

As a CMT, I was unaware of this "tenet." However, DeMark does have the cred to back this up.