Monday, October 25, 2010

Bad Comedy

Warning! Philosophical blog post. Read at your own risk (no politics, however)

I went out Saturday night with my wife and a couple we have not seen in many months even though they live around the corner. After a rather good meal at an Afghani restaurant we went next door to another restaurant that started a comedy club in their attic (or that's what it seemed to be).  The roster of comedians, and I use that term loosely, was less than high caliber. George Carlin would have kicked their butts from heaven.

Anyway, after suffering through countless poopy jokes and humor that might have had a chance in a frat house, the headliner, and I use that term loosely, too, said that no matter how the comedy was it took our minds off our problems for a little while.

So where am I going with this? This is going to be one of my rah rah, human spirit posts where we the people can and will pull ourselves up from dust. We may have been asleep at the switch while things went awry but we are now working hard to bring ourselves out of it.

I am talking about the individual level, not the government. The comedians that night bombed but they were working really hard on stage. You could see it in their eyes that they were not phoning it in even as the audience was getting ready to hurl vegetables at them. The sweat flowed but they kept plugging.

No, they did not succeed this time and neither did we over the past few years. But they kept trying and one day, likely with the help of someone who could actually write a joke, they will find their way.

Basically, I am saying the economy will recover and the Western world is not going to implode. The movie ad now making its rounds showing China owning the failed USA in 20 years is not going to happen.

I cannot reveal more now but I have a column coming out next week in MarketWatch showing a technical reason why we are not going to disappear.

We had to hit rock bottom before we started to make the changes needed to recover.

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