Monday, October 11, 2010

Take an analyst to lunch

If you have ever wanted to corner a "name" on Wall Street to pick his/her brain on the markets here is your chance. It will cost you but I believe it is tax deductible.

Last year, lunch with Robert Prechter fetched 7 grand!  This year, the pickings are much, much more attractively priced.

Robin Griffeths in London is still 300 bucks. You will make that back many times over.
Stan Weinstein in Ft. Lauderdale - ditto
Peter Eliades in San Francisco - her might even play some piano as you chat

John Roque in NY - you may not know the name but you should
Louise Yamada in NY - legend
Steve Leuthold - legend
John Bollinger - legend

Get your company to pay and call it an investment in education. You cannot go wrong.

Disclosure - no compensation for me

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