Monday, October 18, 2010

Sign of the Times

I belong to Costco and never got around to getting off their email list. Look what they sent me today:

For a mere 35 benjamins, you can keep your family of four alive in your Montana cabin while the country descends into chaos. Does it come with dehydrated water to replace what will no longer be served up by Poland Spring?


David M Gordon said...

Hmm, you might misunderstand this Costco item...

One of Costco's largest constituencies are LDS (Mormons). That religion mandates members to stock so many days and months worth of water and goods. Costco, among other merchants, packages items to sell directly to this group.

So, no, Uzis will not be offered in your next mailer from Costco.

Just in case you misunderstood. Possible you know this, and I misunderstand your post! :-)

Quick Takes Pro said...


I doubt this is just aimed at Mormons for the simple reason that the percentage customers in that group cannot be worth a national campaign.

And I am glad Uzis are not on the menu!