Sunday, February 20, 2011

Another Airline Rant Coming

Since I am heading off to the NY Traders Expo in the morning, I'll do the full rant another time. But now I am so tempted to short yet another airline stock for the company behind it. USAir, aka US Scare, is now worse than Spirit.  If only stocks really reflected fundamentals because this airline is by far the most horrific. I really do not understand how any of them make money as the travel experience has deteriorated significantly. And I have yet to be given a hernia exam by TSA.

Let's just say they had mechanical difficulties - which happens - but my well traveled brother in law asked "was it USAir? They ALWAYS have mechanical difficulties"

The killer was rerouting my son to Ft Lauderdale instead of  Miami. OK, we can deal. Its not that far and there was a cheap shuttle. He arrives at the gate and they took his boarding pass and ripped it up. You are going to Miami in three more hours.

We already confirmed Ft. Lauderdale with the airline. They said he could try standby but his bags were already going to Miami.  He boarded the flight to Miami. The bags went to Ft Lauderdale.

"You were right, sir" they said to my 18-year old son. "You were supposed to be on the Ft Lauderdale flight. Can we get you an alcoholic beverage?"  Psssst - still a drinking minor in NY and Fla.

BTW - there was never any mention of how he was supposed to get from Ft Lauderdale to Miami and the USAir rep said he did not have nor could not find the phone number for USAir in Ft Lauderdale.

In other words, you're on your own, sonny.

Travel Tip - Book Southwest or Jetblue to Ft Lauderdale. Then take the "Go Airport Shuttle" right at baggage claim to Miami for $30. Same price as a cab from Miami airport. South Beach, here I come!

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