Friday, February 25, 2011

What is it with airlines?

I've decided I've already said enough about the US Scare luggage fiasco and only add that they refunded the luggage fees after sending our bags to the wrong airport.

This week, I booked my son on Spirit Airlines. Yes, I vowed never to fly them again and as a family that still holds. But this time, the numbers were compelling and no part of the journey would be through LaGuardia Scare Port.The main terminal is a nightmare.

Wednesday morning - fare from Ft Lauderdale to Orlando - $49 each way. Then add the bag fees, carry on fees and seat reservation fees and it actually made sense to pay 60 bucks to join their $9 fare club. I waited.

Wednesday afternoon - fare going dropped to $39. Fare returning dropped to $11.  Eleven dollars to fly. Since my son would only have a backpack, considered a personal item, for a few days at Disney, and he was flying alone to meet friends there he did not need to pre-reserve a seat. His total round trip was 79 bucks with taxes and fees included.

How do they make money on that? The bus cost more. I still say short airlines whenever the charts say to do it.


Normand said...


Still flying those cheap airlines and wondering how they can make money.

Do yourself and your son a favor, watch this Frontline documentary about cheap fares.

Your son's life is worth more than the money you are saving.


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