Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Someone commented on the previous blog entry saying (in jest) that we've hit the bottom and cited a WSJ blog talking about the VIX hitting the magic 30-level.

Please, right now, everybody stop listening to journalists' opinions. Read them for facts and news. Although this particular journalist was quoting what he thought was a technical metric it is very far from the truth.

Here is a monthly chart of the VIX. You tell me if the 30-level means squat.

As my Grandmother would say, it's "bupkis!"


Anonymous said...

Well..........I'm speechless under the cold shower!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I didn't mean to come here to offend you! I just put down a link to explore the possibility on finding a tradable bottom which you have already given the answer. My apologies on the attitude of my last post.

Michael Kahn said...

No offense taken! I was agreeing with you (I think).

...and what attitude? I love dispelling myths about what constitutes something worthy of our money.

Anonymous said...

"Quick Takes Pro said...

The more the politicians meddle, the worse it will be when it comes time to pay the piper."

July 11, 2008 3:29 PM


Anonymous said...

It looks like we will tag 45 or so shortly after the spike is done, no?
Yet, I am not convinced the end of the world will come this fast...HHH

By the way, does "quick takes pro" means "It takes a pro to be quick"?


Michael Kahn said...

A little history.

Quick Takes began as a free email service with an opt-in list derived from Barron's and Barron's Online readers. Once or twice per week, I sent out charts with captions "just to point stuff out" and people loved it (being free helped) and the mailing list got pretty big - bigger than my ISP would allow me to service.

I beefed up the offering, created different sections for education, picks, commentary and even semi-private consulting and voila! Quick Takes Pro.

It is still a fast read and relatively jargon free. The goal is not to show how much stuff I know but what it means for readers.

It's funny this comment came today because in this morning's QTP I reverted back to the original format for a chunk of the newsletter just to cram more charts in.

Anyway, thanks for giving me a reason to toot my own horn.