Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Ghoulish Economic Goulash

This is from Charles Payne's WStreet market commentary email describing Hungary's attempt at righting itself.

Call it Hungarian goulash, the national dish that is neither a soup nor a stew. It was created by herdsmen, and prepared in cast iron kettles above an open fire. This peasant dish did not catch on with upper levels of society until the 19th century. Yesterday, Hungary unveiled a rescue plan that can only be described as an economic goulash that is neither Freidman nor Keynes. While the edible version is prepared into a thick consistency, the economic version is inconsistent and hard to swallow. The edible version is a beef dish with onions, Hungarian paprika powder, tomatoes, and green pepper (some recipes call for potatoes and noodles). The economic version aims to cut pork and add beef, but is such a hodgepodge of ingredients that it leaves everyone hungry for more.

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