Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Steve Miller, CMT

I did not know 70s blues rocker Steve Miller was a Nostradamus-like economic forecaster for the 2010s. Lyrics from "Space Cowboy." Spooky!  I hope the final surprise is good, not evil.

And the same old story with a new set of words
About the good and the bad and the poor
And the times keep on changin'
So I'm keepin' on top
Of every fat cat who walks through my door


I was born on this rock
And I've been travelin' through space
Since the moment I first realized
What all you fast talkin' cats would do if you could
You know, I'm ready for the final surprise

1 comment:

PD Quig said...

His last good song. He descended irretrievably into pop after that.