Thursday, June 3, 2010

I have gas

With gasoline prices at the pump slowly falling and purveyors of "drill, baby, drill" out of favor it does seem that the time is right for natural gas.

Again? That trick never works.
- Rocket J. Squirrel *(footnote)

Well, this time the chart has something real to say.

Even though it may not go anywhere for a while, I do think it is cheap and eventually will rally. Perhaps some retirement money so you can lock it away for a few years and not worry?

* footnote - please tell me you remember Rocky and Bullwinkle

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nippersclipper said...

Of course!

And also Boris Badanoff, Natasha Fatale, Mr. Peabody the dog, the Way-Back machine, Dudley Do-Rite (Do-Right?), Nell, and a host of others.

Kind of a 1960's Simpsons, in a way. We watched it every day when I was in college...