Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Things are so bad they are good?

Everything seems to be going wrong in the economy now as today's home sales shows. Prices in the stock market are sinking again and everything I see technically tells me that we are in for a nasty September. 

Yet, we at Quick Takes Pro are not fully short. Something smells like the market is ready to flip us one more bird before it dies.

And on another note, see that FaceBook stuff to the right? --> Trying to set up a presence there so if you don;t mind, how about clicking on the "like" button for me? Much appreciated.

And isn't that pathetic, by the way? Asking people to like me.


MrWave4 said...

Its has been extremely difficult to trade this market. We had a hammer form on the daily S&P500 around the flash crash support level (1065) but within 2 days its been blown out the water.
My TA mentor who has been trading for about 30 years tells me this year has been the most difficult one he has seen.

patrick neid said...

One of your kids get you to finally join FB?

Quick Takes Pro said...

MrWave - The market has been messed up since 2008. So many indicators are off track and in 2008 they were completely fubar

Quick Takes Pro said...

patrick - I've actually been on FB for a while and it really ticks my kids off (damn old people!). Of course, they would never permit me to friend them.

Been connecting with school friends from grad school all the way back to elementary school. Of course, rehashing your past can be dangerous.