Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Saudi two days later

I don't have an actual Bloomberg machine and don't ask how the color scheme changed. But this is the Saudi index two days later - OUCH!  Day of Rage coming March 11.

Saudi readers, MidEast readers - please tell us what is going in these markets!


Money Maker said...

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Money Maker

Jim said...

Isn't the Day of Rage in Saudi Arabia on March 11th?

Quick Takes Pro said...

Fixed. Confused it with the day of taxpayer rage here.

ahmed said...

Fear of the unknown made foreign stock funds to sell big amount of their holdings, followed by small & medium local investores.
Some blue chips stock prices are less than their lows during 2008 sellof and some less than their IPO prices.I hope the fear don't take them lower .
All of the above has created golden buying apportunties for the daring investores ..!!
I am selling some of my positins in the US and buying in the Saudi stock market, mainly petrochemical.

Quick Takes Pro said...

Nice call, ahmed! (writing this march 11)