Friday, March 25, 2011

Stock Proctology

A few years ago, a colleague who happened to be and still is very bearish on the stock market in the big picture and not worrying about the rally since last year, was often quoted on a site called He was not entirely pleased about that.

The site offers market opinion and satire but I am certainly not an avid follower. I just happened to remember a spoof on Alan Greenspan merging him with my pal from a previous blog post Alfred E. Newman. Here is the composite -->

What I like most about their site is their slogan: "We don't know and neither do they"

That about sums it up. Funny how we are all collectively still *dumping* on Alan Greenspan. You can determine if it is deservedly so.

Consider this a diversion. I am not taking trading advice from a guy going by the name Dr. Stool even if he does have as many as 23 active followers.


patrick neid said...

One of the best sites between 2001-2007 until they banned "Wndysrf" who wrote the afternoon Mark to Market segment.

patrick neid said...

Here's Dr Stool's other site