Wednesday, September 22, 2010


My Monday Barron's Online column is at the top of both the most read and most emailed lists for the day at the site and I wonder it if was the title that drew in so many people. As it reads now - with sub-head -  it is:

Signs of a Recovery May be Found in Charts
Big gains in many commodity prices suggest that happy days could be here for U.S. economy.

What I submitted for editing was:

Rumblings of Recovery
A breakout in an old favorite commodities index suggests cyclical stock strength is real.

Now, my editors have a much better sense of titles and headlines than I do. But Mikey the Bear still likes gold.


Amalan said...

Michael, I don't know if it's just me, but you've been quite confusing of late. Your Barron's article says nothing about being a bear - in fact, it argues for a bull since there is real strength in the commodities charts indicating a stronger economy, and yet you claim you are a bear in this blog.

I did notice you've been dropping some bullish hints on Barrons for the last two weeks, though you mention at the end that you are still a bear, but the latest article seems to ease off the bearish claims a lot further. Looks like you are covering all bases...

Of course, it's all a matter of probability, but short of putting numbers to the expectations, your message can be interpreted and argued in different many ways..

Quick Takes Pro said...

The bullish hints are all couched by something. Cannot deny what is happening or readers lose interest.

Why not take a firm stand? It is a magazine, not an advisory service so there are limits.