Monday, July 20, 2009

Another round of Kudos

Kudos got to the human spirit today and because of it I have no doubt the current crisis will end. Of course, the human spirit also will start the next crisis but let's enjoy the moment.

Do you remember where you were 40 years ago today? Of course, some of you were not even on your parent's radar yet but for we old timers and middle timers (what about market timers?) we should know.

Personally, I was in the dining room/theater at sleepaway camp (Mar-Lin) in Connecticut, sitting in nice little rows watching a black and white TV as US astronauts took their first steps on the moon. We will hear a lot about that event - the moon landing, not my camp - in the media today and rightly so. Unlike celebrity misdeeds and political BS, landing on the moon shows what we the people can do with proper goals and proper attitude.

We the people. Now there's a concept.

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