Thursday, July 9, 2009

Recap of Strange Indicators

Here are what the pundits have been talking about over the past few weeks.

Coppock Curve - Fired a long-term buy at the end of May. Still in effect. However, it does not take into account any draw downs that are very possible in this volatile environment.

Golden Cross - The exponential version - the one I believe - fired on the Nasdaq (but not the more important S&P 500). It is already in jeopardy of crossing back. The simple version fired last month and is still in effect. But that is in direct opposition with.......

Head-and-shoulders - They are still falling over each other declaring a top in the market due to this pattern. Read Wednesday's Barron's Online column for what I think of it.

So, we have a super long-term signal (bullish) that puts us at risk for multi-weeks of drawdowns. Then analysts were crowing about a bullish signal and start of the next bull market firing days before everyone was trying to be the first to crow about a topping pattern.

Any way the wind blows.......

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