Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Dodobird, CMT

Blogger has been relegated to carrying posts that are too long for Twitter. Life imitates life in a sound-bite, I want it now world.

From today's Quick Takes Pro (still offering the first month for 10 bucks, no obligation):

I attended the Traders Expo in NYC yesterday - like I would ever have a break from the markets lol - and although the show is half what it used to be I learned a ton. What is clear, as a technician
would say, is the trend in the industry. There were five or six dedicated education vendors and one pure trading software vendor. It used to be one teacher for every half dozen "tool seller" and that reflects where things are heading. Everyone portrays themselves as experts and tools are offered for free by brokers to get you to trade more.

Market advisers, except for the ones with cult-like followings, are going the way of the betamax. Thanks Internet!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Effing Market

I don't do much on the full blog anymore (find me on Twitter) but this one needed two charts and some whine.

Monday was the day the Dow shed over 300 points. Here is one of the 37 NYSE stocks that hit a fresh 52-week high before caving into the market's pressure. BTW - only a half dozen from the news highs list actually closed higher that day.

 And here it is the next day when the Dow regained only 72 points.

Effing market.