Wednesday, July 23, 2014

American Worker

I really don't utilize the blog much anymore as all I seem to have time to do is tweet.  And there is precious little time for that since I write, write, write for a living. Somebody tell me how to get paid on Twitter :-).

But something happened today that needed more than 140 characters to express. I was working this morning in my home office and the doorbell rang. A delivery? Solicitor? I don't think I had any maintenance work scheduled for today.

It was a guy (ethnicity irrelevant). Last year, he saw that my roof was covered in living schmutz (moss or algae or something green) and offered to powerwash it for a good price. I took him up on it and he did a really good job. I would use him for other work around that house if something came up.

He said his cell phone number changed and as any good businessman would do, he notified his customers. But since all he had was in-person communication, there he was at the door. He also asked for more work, which, unfortunately for him, I did not need.

So here is a guy looking for business and working hard. He was polite, confident and willing to deal.

My guess is he does not live in a $2 million dollar house on the water but he is indeed an example of what people in this country should strive to emulate. I took his new number and will keep it for the next time I need him.