Tuesday, December 29, 2009

End of 2009

Great Balls of Fire! That was the headline in the NY Post with regard to the latest failed airline bombing. Gotta love them. Another rag had "pants on fire."

Great balls of fire was also 2009 and now I am happy to see it over. Many of us have had challenges this year, from health to jobs to just being on the wrong side of the stock market. But there is always something about which to be grateful. For me, it is having employment, a family, a house and readers - not necessarily in that order.

It is time for me to pack it in this year so this is the last blog post until Jan 4, when the stock market fireworks can be expected. After all, we are in a low volatility, low volume coil where everyone is expecting an explosion. We just cannot agree on which way.

For me, I end the year nearly flat. Bonuses will have been paid and as a reader commented in the previous blog post, the Fed is out of bullets.

Make your New Year celebration a safe one and we'll see you next week.

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Paul O'Cuana said...

"The U.S. Federal Reserve must be open to raising interest rates to pop asset bubbles, even though stronger regulation remains the best solution to prevent a repeat of the crisis."

-Ben Bernanke, 1/3/2010

"We will need to begin withdrawing extraordinary monetary stimulus well before the economy returns to high levels of resource utilization"

-Federal Reserve Vice Chairman Donald Kohn, 1/3/2010

"Don't fight the Fed."

-Martin Zweig

Paul O'Cuana