Friday, November 19, 2010


I am in Orlando today to speak at the Advisors MoneyShow.  Every February, I am down here to speak at the "regular" MoneyShow and there are usually 3000 attendees. For the Advisor show,they tell me 800 people signed up and only 300 are here.  It makes senses that individuals would swamp advisors at these things but 10 to one?   Sad.

The Peabody Hotel is hyooge (that's huge with an affect). I still cannot figure out where things are and what is their fascination with ducks? Strange. Across the street is the convention center and it is the biggest building I have ever seen - not in height but in end to end length. Someone told me one mile across. Maybe but it is huge-er than huge.

Back in this hotel, it feels empty. I walked around yesterday afternoon and barely saw a soul. So much for a recovery in this business.

So when I saw my bill for an overnight stay, my jaw dropped. It was disgusting - special rate of 239 for the room, state sales tax, county convention tax, convention surcharge and then a "resort" fee. Up to $287 for the sleep.  I did not use the resort, did not see the free coffee and still have seen the ducks they parade around the lobby. OK, I used the free internet but at that rate it better be included.

And try to grab a bagel and coffee. I could grab a coffee and overpriced pastry. Or I could sit down at a restaurant for a full meal. I enjoyed my stay in a Marriott Courtyard better.

Ducks aside, it is no wonder advisors stayed home.

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