Monday, December 6, 2010

Do these guys get it?

When I first got the email for Delta's private jet service I thought "Are these guys kidding? Do they read the newspaper? Most people can barely afford a regular sardine can seat let alone "only" $27,500 for five hours of private jet time.

Then I thought about it a bit more. Who is the customer for this stuff? Nope, not Joe Sixpack, Joe The Plumber or even Mama Grizzly. It's the super rich and for them there is no recession. So be it. I know I can't hop on a private jet for a comfy ride down to South Beach with the crew. But there are people who can.

So, perhaps Delta does get it. Well, some of Delta anyway. Their marketing people must have been left back a few grades.

First of all, the email was addresses to my 15 year old daughter who, like me and everyone else in the family and  your family, has her own frequent flyer account. OK, so Delta did not scan ages when the created the mailing list. I'll let this one slide.

But they do know how many miles someone a has now and has over a lifetime and my daughter flies to Florida at most twice per year and not always on Delta. There is no way she has anything close to elite business flyer status and the possibility that she'd have legitimate interest in a private jet.

But for you, dear reader, if you've got the time, we've got the beer. Er, I've got the trash and you've got the cash (Joe Jackson - I'm the Man 1979).

Print this out and stuff your favorite stocking -

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Amalan said...

Michael, you read my mind! I have been wanting to post my comment on this matter for the last 3 days...

I saw this phenom with INP, but checkout others as well: Brazil (EWZ) - Oct 13 and Nov 4 peaks for price, but not RSI.

ETFs such as SPY, XLB, XLK, XLE, XLY, and individual stocks such as WDC, AAPL and a host of others show that their current price is at or near their Nov peaks, but their RSI has significantly declined.

Even GLD's chart doesn't look impressive when it comes to RSI and price.

So, it's going to be interesting to see what happens in the next few weeks. With everyone jumping on the bandwagon of December Rally, I think the market is bound to fool them.

Plus the US dollar's rising trend line connecting its lows of the last 3 years might stick.