Wednesday, February 16, 2011

When piigs fly?

And any fool knows
a dog needs a home,
a shelter
from pigs on the wing.
- Pigs on the Wing (part 2), Pink Floyd

"When pigs fly" is an idioms used to indicate that something is highly unlikely ever to happen, or that it will never happen. This phrase is thought to come from an old Scottish proverb (source: Either the messiah is pulling into the station with Godot or Satan just beat the Russian hockey team at home because the stock markets of the PIIGS countries are indeed flying.
  • Portugal - closing in on its October high, which is close to its April 2010 high
  • Italy - closing in on its April 2010 high.
  • Ireland - the laggard but still slogging higher after emerging from a four-month base.
  • Greece - currently in  bull flag after emerging from a base
  • Spain - arguably just broke out above resistance from July and October and on its way to its April 2010 peak

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