Monday, January 30, 2012

Facebook about to jump the shark?

I don't blame Marky Mark Zuckerberg for going public even though they don't need the cash. Cashing out is more like it although I doubt he'll admit it.

Yes, every time they tweak the interface we, the users, get into an uproar. Or as Sarah Palin would put it, we got our panties in a bunch. Moose hockey!

Think about who the customer is. Hint, its not you. Or me. We are the wonks who voluntary put our personal information into a marketing machine so they can sell ads and services against it. So if timeline tees you off, well, tough. Now if timeline makes too many of us mad, then that's another story.

Jumping the shark is when an entity goes a little too far to be liked. Fonzie jumped over a shark pen on water skis when Happy Days jumped the shark (do I have to spell out its origins any further?).  I blogged about retail stock trading jumping when football coach Jimmy Johnson did an infomercial for trading software.  Come to think of it, male enhancement pills jumped when football coach Jimmy Johnson did a commercial for them. too. Johnson? I get it.

I am on Facebook all day long - only in part because I sit at this damn computer all day trying to earn a few bucks. I have a business page. I just posted my college ID card, complete with a giant 70s monster 'fro. And this week, I am going to grab a Starbucks with my best friend - when we were in 4th grade - who I happened to reconnect with on Facebook.

Does the word ubiquitous fit?

As you saw in my previous post, I am trying out all sorts of social media. Hey, nobody wrote in to tell me what Squidoo is really for! And I am trying digg, shareaholic, stumbleupon, viadeo and even myspace. Yeah, I still have 300 vinyl LPs in the basement, too.

Someone is going to challenge Facebook eventually. Facebook is going to tick off enough of us - one day - so that we try the other guys.

Marky Mark, kudos for your timing in terms of sharks and market peaks.

Do you think the Winklevoss' are lining up for some IPO shares?

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