Thursday, June 28, 2012

Obligatory weigh-in on ObamaCare

I am rather shocked that SCOTUS backed up POTUS on this one. Or did they? Now the individual mandate is a tax?  I smell a Tea Party!

But I am not well versed in the law itself - who is, right Nancy Pelosi? - so I am not going to go there. But I can tell you that earlier this year our health insurance provider (Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield) got out of the small company insurance business. Our coverage was dropped, thank you very much. Believe me, it was not because we abused it. I did not reach my deductible last year so the premiums were all gravy to the insurance company.

And now we are with Oxford (part of Untied Healthcare) and our premiums are up - 48%!  And the deductible is a bit worse, too.

Is that due to ObamaCare?  You bet your backside it is.

Yes, ObamaCare helps the small business - not.

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