Saturday, November 3, 2012

No power, no problem

No power, no problem?  Well, let's just say I'm doing things the old fashioned way.

No, I am not out back churning butter by hand but I am washing the dishes with a sponge and some soap. Kind of makes you appreciate re-using a lightly used plate and fork.

How about this one? Talking face to face. My neighbor from across the street came over to see if I knew what was going on with the power restoration. She introduced herself (we'd met already) but had a nice little chat. I learned how she was coping and where she grew up. She even told me a little fact about firewood but I am not sure I believe her.

Another neighbor got a generator and we chatted about it at the end of the driveway. She took my laptop for a charge because you can't charge these puppies via USB in the car like cell phones of iPods.  I brought her a small space heater for her somewhat frail mother-in-law.  It felt good to be neighborly.

What was really fun was using that fire pit we had built in the back yard. Frivolous, in good times but it produced some heat and more importantly a little family time. Fire roasted hot dogs taste absolutely awesome. And of course, slow roasted marshmallows are everyone's favorite.

Meanwhile, the grill was put to good use feeding us. Aside from cooking up everything in the freezer before the ice ran out, it heated the water for morning coffee (still got to use my french press) and grilled frozen bagels. Grill lines on burgers are one thing but on bagels? They added a nice smokey flavor that complemented the last bits of cream cheese very nicely.

And grilled baked ziti. Now that was good. Who does not like the noodles at the edges when they get nice and crunchy?  But that was not the only pasta dish as we boiled up a pot of water for more pasta and pan roasted some chopped veal with fresh onions, some tomato paste (manual can opener) and the last splash of jarred sauce from the fridge (Emeril's). I need the gym to re-open and soon!

From homemade applesauce to a full box of frozen hors d'oeuvres heated in a foil pan, starving we are not.  getting that second tank of propane before the storm was a good idea.

With no TV, we've been going to bed a bit earlier. We've also been BLISSFULLY spared election news, polls and spin. Worth the price of admission all by itself. Imus in the Morning on the radio - not so bad. When he is not being a self-centered curmudgeon, Imus is a darn good interviewer. And when constant storm coverage got depressing, a quick flip of the analog dial on my battery powered radio and there was sports radio WFAN. Good thing I am a Giants fan and not a Jets fan or I'd still be depressed.

What's next? Writing letters?  Riding my bicycle down to the market for some milk and eggs?  Raising my own vegetables in the back yard?

Who knows? While I do look forward to returning to the modern world it was good to learn that unlike so many  people around me I would not be eaten by wolves if left to my own devices in the woods.

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patrick neid said...

Years from now it will all be considered a special time.