Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Uh Oh ObamaCare!

I've taken some heat from readers when I post something that is anti Affordable Care Act. Costs go up anyway, they say. More people will have access, the chime.

Well, I say 13ULL5h17 (that's B@$%^^T for you unwashed masses). Aside from doctors leaving the fold and insurance companies dropping those already covered - and aside from politics - here is a little tale hitting my wife's hospital.

Hello greatest staff in the world. I regret to inform you that we will be closing this hospital in two or three months - except for the Emergency Room (because we have to keep it open) and program X (because it makes us a lot of money). We will work to get all of you placed elsewhere, most likely in the flagship hospital in our hospital system.

Hmmmm, why are they closing? Well, for starters, insurance coverage for therapy will be significantly less under the new law and since we are primarily a therapy hospital, well, you know.

I had a long blog to write but frankly I am tired of even thinking about the path this county has been on since 9/11. Patriotism is awesome but the rest is draining.

The bottom line is that the hospital said that insurance coverage would be either dropped or limited on its patients and since hospitals are actually businesses they cannot eat the difference. They said it is directly a result of ObamaCare.

When will they wake up to understand that you cannot expand one part of the health care landscape and assume everything else will stay the same. Its a great plan if there are no ripples. But there are alway ripples.

You cannot get something for nothing.


basehitz said...

Kudos for saying the obvious. I'd like to believe universal healthcare could work. The data shows this plan will do more damage than good. Unfortunately, ideologically-driven "analysis" predominates, particularly in the media. Tough to stay objective. But we must of else we'll likely undermine our own country via bad election choices driven by willful ignorance.

Anonymous said...

Our healthcare system is extremely messed up as it is. So I admire attempts to fix it. Is this method of repairing it without flaws? No. But where I live, New York state, I have been through nightmares with my health insurance, and we have all experienced the exorbitant rates of medical care in the United States -- often many times more than elsewhere for the same services. So bitch away -- it's what we do in a democracy. But just propose a solution, that's all. It's a complicated issue.

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