Thursday, July 10, 2008

Bribing for Subscribers

Since this is my blog, anything goes.

For the rest of July, we are offering two free reports for anyone taking a free test drive of the Quick Takes Pro newsletter. Sign up now and we'll send you:

Just What is a Chart Anyway?
The Basics: Support and Resistance

These are quick lessons on technical analysis but without all the jargon and definitely no math.

Give us two weeks to show you our style and if you don't feel that Quick Takes Pro helps you make money and learn more about charting and investing then cancel during the trial, owe nothing and keep the reports as our gift.

enter the code "free reports" in the comments section when you order.


Anonymous said...

People keep saying we're oversold. Using the benchmark S&P500, do you think the market is oversold? I personally don't think so, in fact, people are in the high hopes of huge rebound! End of my words, have a good evening Sir!

Michael Kahn said...

We were until the market traded in a range for the past eight days. But even so, we are still somewhat oversold.

What people do not realize is that oversold can become more oversold and is never a guaranty for a rally.

Anonymous said...

Back to the UYG you tried to pick few weeks ago, seems the problem inside the finacial sector is really really severe! Will a bigger bomb coming given what the chart shown? My god, I got a severe headache tonight! Aaah.......

Anonymous said...

I really want to sign up for the offer but the website keeps taking me to "pay only" items. Can you make the instructions a bit easier to synthesize with your website?

Michael Kahn said...

In order to get the two reports you have to sign up for a free trial to the newsletter and yes, enter your credit card. It will not be charged until after the two-week trial ends or if you cancel before then.

Bottom line is that the trial is free and the reports are free. Pay only if you decide to keep your newsletter subscription.