Thursday, October 30, 2008

Fear Factor again

I keep coming back to this topic (not on the blog - yet) but gold coins are in short supply while the price of gold futures languishes. This seems too strange to be true but apparently it is. You can buy all the gold you want from your friendly neighborhood futures broker but I wonder how delivery is going. We won;t really know until December, won't we?

Anyway, here is a bullion dealers website as of Thursday (credit to Robert Minkowsky for finding it). It's web address is

You may have to click on it to blow it up but check out the red letters - SOLD OUT. And it is the smaller coins that are gone, too. Is the little guy panicking? Hoarding gold because he does not believe that the bailout package will 1) work or 2) not cause inflation?

I don't know that answer so if there are any coin dealers reading this please comment.

OK conspiracy theorists, check out this video but go get a new pair of skivvies first.

Nah, it's another bogus Internet tale but it does get you thinking about what if it really were true. I cannot imagine anyone in government making a decision like that not being impeached and then deported to Tora Bora to catch a bunker buster.

But that does not stop me from wanting to own more gold - real gold, not the paper stuff.


Unknown said...

That really scares the shit out of me and I think it is irresponsible of you to put this on your blog without further investigation into the information presented. The readers of your blog look to your opinions as a source of credible information as well as do your subscribers. Are you endorsing this message? If not, then, in my opinion, this post puts you in the category of every other media "talking head" that you've complained about when reporting on the financial markets and the current state of the world economy.

Michael Kahn said...

If you are talking about the video, I say right under the link that it is bogus - as in a hoax.

If you are talking about the lack of gold coin availability, I have this checked out from several sources, including a gold trader who nailed the rally, the peak and the decline.

Unknown said...

Sorry for the confusion, I am talking about the video. I saw your comments and I do know what the word "hoax" means. However, by even putting that link on your site, in my opinion, lends some credibility to it. If it is a hoax, why put it on the blog? What is the purpose or message you are attempting to have your readers take away from the post?