Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Is it just me or has everyone already adapted to the Dow moving 300 points in a day?

100 points? Was the market open?
200 points? Bo-ring.
400 points? Well, let's drag an analyst on the show to explain it
500 points? Getting warmer but wake me when MacGyver reruns come on
600 points? OK, now were talking. Did I own any ultra ETFs?
700 points? I hope my father in law does not call to ask about his portfolio
800 points? A few more of these, please!
900 points? Like the 2007 New England Patriots. Hot but not perfect.
1000 points? That's the way you do it! Money for nothin' and your chicks for free.

I've seen 50 point moves between raising my coffee mug to take a sip and putting it down again. Is it any wonder I am looking at my technical toolbox with a skeptical eye?

This is not normal and I am getting a bad feeling. I hope I am wrong and all this volatility actually does mean a bottom is in progress.


Doug said...

hasn't there been enough bloodshed for you,your watching too much tv,its skewing your perspective. nothing ventured,nothing gained

Doug said...

i noticed last friday on fox business channel between 3:30 and the close all those two girls on the trading floor wanted to talk about was the one large sell order at the close of Citigroup or something, even in the midst of the huge run up and all the stocks that were positive that day, they chose to focus on one stock that happen to have a large order to sell....perpetuate the fear, keep the ratings up, cause the market to tank but hey we got our ratings. selfish, selfish world.