Sunday, August 30, 2009

Commodity ETNs

They (the man?) are now looking into commodity based ETNs and ETFs with the intent to regulate or eliminate, I am sure. There was a halt in the natural gas ETF a few weeks ago as the sponsor could not get enough product to meet demand - thanks to extra-market forces.

I am not here to debate yea or nay. However, usually when a new ETF comes out it marks the peak in that particular market. It happened to steel. I cannot think where else on this nice Sunday afternoon but I know there are many other examples.

Anyway, if they (the men?) take these ETNs and ETFs away would that mark the bottom in the market?


Anonymous said...

I usually keep up with you but your question didn't register.

"would that mark the bottom of the market?"

as a contrarian indication? I've never heard of arrival of the G Men as an indicator of market turns.

can you elaborate just a bit?


Michael Kahn said...
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Michael Kahn said...

Arghh - my previous comment had a typo

Just a thought. If the introduction of a new ETF marks the top of the market FOR THAT SECTOR than maybe the forced removal or restrictions would mark a bottom FOR THAT SECTOR. It's not the G-men. It's the public acceptance that commodity ETNs are not OK.

Will said...

I've noticed a lot of inflation ETFs... dollar bottom?